Just for the next 24hours, try thinking of unpleasant feelings as unwanted, unplanned, houseguests. There is no telling when they are going to arrive, and oftentimes, no telling when they are going to leave either. Rather than trying to avoid these visitors all together , your job is to be the most gracious host/hostess that your circumstances will allow. Paradoxically, it is by allowing these visitors to be with us, that most readily helps them to move on through.

When you encounter a difficult emotion in the next 24hrs, try the following:

  1. Take a long, slow, deep breath in. Repeat this 4 times. Try this now!
  2. As best you can, adopt an attitude of interest.
  3. Name or describe the emotion / sensation to yourself. If you can, notice the feelings in you belly and chest.
  4. Stay with any uncomfortable sensations for another 4-breaths.
  5. Try not to get caught up in the ‘rightness or ‘wrongness’ of the situation or that it SHOULDN’T be happening. Just try to observe your experience and your mental state with curiosity and interest.

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Cameron provides expert training and support to legal professionals seeking to increase their wellbeing, career longevity and client engagement skills. He also provides 8-week 'Mindfulness & EQ programs to corporate clients seeking to maximise profitability and performance. Cameron has a strong grounding in human behaviour as a Clinical Psychologist. He is an internationally published author on Mindfulness with Taylor & Francis (U.K). His passion is for breaking down mindfulness theory and practice and delivering them in ways that are memorable, intuitive and easy to apply. To see more of Cameron's work see www.bemindful.lawyer/resources

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