Being mindful promotes the ability to step back from negative life events and from ‘too-much thinking’. When we remember to become conscious of our breath, the firm grip of rumination and worry begins to lessen. Everything simplifies. Things slow down. There is more space.

When we come back into our Points of Contact (feet on the floor, bottom in the chair and our breath) the mind enters into a more stable way of being.

Try it now – take 4 deep, long, slow breaths. If we can do this 4-5 times a day we will reduce our stress and promote our resilience even in the midst of a busy way of life.

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With a long, slow, deep breath in….

About Cameron Aggs

Cameron provides expert training and support to legal professionals seeking to increase their wellbeing, career longevity and client engagement skills. He also provides 8-week 'Mindfulness & EQ programs to corporate clients seeking to maximise profitability and performance. Cameron has a strong grounding in human behaviour as a Clinical Psychologist. He is an internationally published author on Mindfulness with Taylor & Francis (U.K). His passion is for breaking down mindfulness theory and practice and delivering them in ways that are memorable, intuitive and easy to apply. To see more of Cameron's work see

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