Half Day Workshop

Enhancing focus, resilience and client engagement skills:

An introductory 3.5hour workshop for Lawyers

This is a 3.5 public workshop for legal professionals which will introduces mindfulness in two broad areas. The first is mental health and the second is client engagement skills.

We will teach a 5-step stress-reduction sequence in addition to spending time focusing on the challenges presented by

  • Engaging with distressed clients
  • Setting expectations
  • Compassion-fatigue
  • Protecting your work-life balance

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 3 Month Program

Gaining Proficiency:

For professionals seeking to embed mindfulness as a way of enhancing mental health resiliency and wellbeing then this is the program of choice.

Over the 3 months, professionals will have the opportunity to attend 3 half-day group training events, 3  individual coaching sessions and link with a highly effective online mindfulness program and community.

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In-house Presentations

We deliver one off presentations and bespoke programs focusing on:

  • Enhancing mental health
  • Mental focus
  • Client engagement skills

If you consider fostering client engagement skills and resiliency among staff as an important source of competitive advantage, then you may wish to talk to us about our programs. We deliver brief training workshops that are full of practical techniques that are memorable, intuitive and easy to apply. We appreciate how precious your staff’s time is. In addition we  provide online training support to reduce the costs associated with in-person presentations and to consolidate the learning of core concepts.

Driving Culture and Innovation Program

There is now a body of research which implicates ‘churn and burn’ cultures as an important dynamic which increase costs to individuals and law firms associated with mental health and productivity issues.

Our ‘Driving Culture and Innovation’ program will work with your firm to maximise your businesses capacity to create a workplace that promotes a healthy and productive culture.

We partner with Andrew Ramsden from Alpha Transform to bring you the greatest possible advantage. According to recent research (eg Chan, Poyton, and Bruce, 2014) your culture is a vital part of driving the success and wellbeing of your people. Contact us to discuss a no-obligation scoping session for your organisation.