About Mindfulness Training Australia

BeMindful.Lawyer is an initiative of Mindfulness Training Australia, who is best known for increasing the profitability and performance of large professional service organisations. We are of the view that there is an opportunity to service the needs of Australian legal professionals, working both in city as well as in regional and remote areas. Our mission is to improve mental health resiliency and on-task performance potential of our clients. We specialise in client and stakeholder engagement skills, and view this as a vital competency we deliver through our programs.

Cameron Aggs


Cameron is one of Australia’s foremost mindfulness training specialists. He has facilitated more than 200 professional mindfulness training programs in Australia and in the U.K. Cameron is best known in the design and delivery of programs which reduce the negative impacts of mental health and communication issues on profitability and performance. Cameron has a strong grounding in human behaviour as a Clinical Psychologist. He is an internationally published author on Mindfulness with Taylor & Francis (U.K). His commentary and online resources have been featured on ABC radio, MMM, Blackmores and HUFFPOST. His training resources include the CD Meditations for a Busy World and the online program 4-Breaths to Less Stress.

Fiona Caulley


Fiona is accredited specialist family lawyer with over thirteen years’ experience based at Phillips Family Law in Brisbane, Queensland. She is the President of the Family Law Practitioners Association of Queensland. Fiona is passionate about mindfulness and wellness in the legal profession and is passionate about increasing awareness of the need for lawyers to learn skills to thrive rather than just survive legal practice, through mindfulness, wellness, and other contemplative practices. Fiona is a thought leader in this area, having regularly published articles relating to these topics and their benefits. Her insights as a practicing lawyer who uses mindfulness, both in her work and life, makes her uniquely placed to assist lawyers to learn about mindfulness as a skill to thrive rather than just survive legal practice.

Peter Moffitt (OAM)


Peter has thirty years of experience in the legal profession. In 2014 he was made a member of the Order of Australia for service to his local community in Grenfell NSW. He is a third generation lawyer and practises in rural New South Wales. Peter has seen first hand the impact of mental health issues on colleagues, as well as on the regional communities that he has served. He has noted the extreme pressures on farming families in particular. Peter is a passionate advocate about the importance of self-care in the profession. He is a current member of the New South Wales Law Society Rural Issues Committee. In his work with the Rural Issues Committee Peter co-wrote a publication for the use of the profession titled 'Document to Assist Rural Practitioners'. Peter's eldest daughter, Rachael is also a solicitor who works at the Grenfell and Young offices of the firm of which Peter is a partner.

Andrew Ramsden


Andrew Ramsden has over 15 years experience in digital and organisation transformation. He is regularly asked to speak at conferences around Australia on digital strategy, cultural transformation and leadership.
His successes include leading the delivery of seamless online service experiences for Queensland Government, boasting significant increases in customer satisfaction and staff engagement.
Andrew works with organisations to improve staff engagement, retention and leadership capacity. Ultimately organisations are able to safely disrupt themselves and embed innovation as part of BAU.

Melanie Zimmerman


Melanie holds a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. She is a passionate professional regarding her work with high performing individuals leading increasingly full and meaningful lives. She is currently completing her PhD on help-seeking behaviours, psychological flexibility and self-compassion. Melanie enjoyed a distinguished career as a Detective with the Queensland Police Service, which provided her a wealth of experience in working collaboratively with a range of legal professionals. Melanie has experienced first-hand the strains and stressors of operating inside of the judicial system. This provides her with particular insight and empathy for legal professionals working with distressed, and sometimes distressing populations.

Sergiu Carata

E-learning Co-ordinator

Sergiu is an experienced graphic designer and web-developer, previously with the World Bank. His focus at BeMindful is in the development of elearning content that is intuitive to navigate, beautiful to look at, and effective in the delivery of mindfulness-based content. Sergiu's background is in the use of Prezi and related technologies for the delivery of training concepts and knowledge acquisition. He is passionate about user-experience and how this facilitates learning outcomes. In other areas of his role, Sergiu designs all of the BeMindful marketing material and is responsible for the overall look and feel about our website.